Wednesday, July 2, 2008

News Resources
This link goes to the New York Times, a respected newspaper published in New York City. The paper is left leaning (Democratic) and pretty much all the articles are free. You may be asked to "sign up." Just give your email address. You will not be charged; the service is free. Click on where it says "World" on the right to have news that is about the world and not about the U.S.
This is the main BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) website. There are many world news stories and lots of good reporting. Many of the stories have video or audio that goes with them.
Also check this link out! This website is designed to help people learn English. There are games and news stories. There are lessons with new vocabulary and with comprehension questions. There are ways to read an article and listen to the same article (click on the icon that looks like a speaker to hear the news story). Listening and reading the same thing is a fabulous way to increase comprehension. Almost all the BBC stories will have people speaking with British accents.
This is the American version of the BBC. NPR (National Public Radio) is a news service which has many articles which you can read and listen to (like above). Again, reading and listening to something is a great way to increase comprehension. Plus, this website will help you practice hearing the American accent.

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